Vista speech recognition post

So here I am. It's about 5:26 AM and I haven't slept for a while.
I just finished installing a bunch of drivers on the computer. I've also been playing around with windows Vista. I've been playing with the specific feature called speech recognition, and it's pretty impressive. As you may have figured out I'm actually using the speech recognition write this post. As a result my grammar may not be 100% accurate and my spelling will be less than stellar.

It's a really quite interesting watching this thing recognize my own voice (most of the time). I find that speech recognition is quite prejudicial of my accent, but still quite far along than it uses to be 5 years ago. unfortunately I cannot post anymore since Eleni has just informed me that I'm keeping her up.

I have to say that Speech recognition on a tablet PC with Vista feels really good, over you get over the whole geek Factor.it feels right, but I'll probably not use it in public.

{= )

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