Tablet PC + Ubuntu

Well looks like I can "TriBoot" VISTA+XP+Ubuntu successfully, even after that hap hazardous partition encounter. The next step is getting the X60 Tablet to act like a tablet in Ubuntu.

This post will document my excursion into this foray.

From the stock install, I notice the following things that are not functional:

-Wacom Digitizer
-Wifi Nic.

Good thing Ubuntu has found the wired NIC or I'd be out of luck

look for updates!


Kamalot said...

Hope you can get those aspects of the Tablet working under Linux. Otherwise, it isn't much of a tablet, is it?

Blademonkey said...

It wouldn't be. I've scene people reporting that it worked for them off the bat, I'm going to chuck it to new version-itis. Ubuntu 6.10 is the newer version, so I understand why it would have issues. I guess that's going to be a good learning curve experience.

EchoBinary said...

how odd that 6.10 doesnt work out of th ebox, Knoppix works and the gparted live cd works out of the box.

Marcus Heller said...

I can't wait to see the final product! If it's crazy enough, it may just get me to invest in a tablet PC...!