another all nighter

I stayed up all night attempting to set up a triple-boot (yes it's a dual boot +1).

I got a copy of Vista Business from our MSDN at work and am planning on looting, ahem, testing more Vista stuff. It took a while for me to set up Vista on the tablet and it still is not complete. The fingerprint reader is not being detected and the rotate feature does not kick in when I switch from laptop to tablet mode.

The dual boot was simple, and although Ubuntu has me jumping through hoops, I think i may be able to finish it sometime at work today.

note: You can only have 4 primary partitions on a single HD at any time, so that means that unless you have two physical disks, you would not be able to add to this Triple boot (since Ubuntu requires a swap partition).

here's more stuff:
This is a rave on ubuntu working on a tablet
This is a post on how to get the tablet features working, i'll probably have to revisit those.

Update: Note to self, don't convert primary boot partitions into primary extended/Logical partitions.

I almost had a heart attack when, after having found out that i need TWO partitions for ubuntu, i converted a ERD partition into an extended partition. I couldn't get back to partition magic to delete the change yet, i was still able to boot to either Vista or XP.

After some praying to the IT gods, i decided to run an older version of Partition Magic (7.0) which allowed me to delete the rogue change. Phew.

Note to all, and this is a good tip from EchoBinary, when partitioning for the SWAP mount, you can use a logical partition to mount it to. Now, this still means that you will have maxed out the amount of allowed primary partition, but it will give you the option of having multiple logical drives.

Ubuntu is installing now. Woot!


Jason said...

greetings! am hopeful about vista on my tablet - shall post a report of any issues i may have with Vista on it

Blademonkey said...

Sweet can't wait to see that report!