Triple Boot Blues

I goofed and zaped my Vista Partition last night.

i had the four partitions in the following order[GBs]:
OSX[50], UBUNTU[11] ,VISTA[29], SWAP[01], FreeSpace[05].
I wanted to change the order such that
VISTA[50], OSX[30],UBUNTU[15], SWAP[01].

I ended up zapping Vista. Surprisingly, some of the partition utils were able to recover something, but it was a previous partition that i had PRIOR to tri-booting. I know, odd.

So then I reinstall Vista and Office 2k7. Everything is great, 'cept for the whole MBR/Boot Loader replacement. Then I Install OSX 10.4.8 and i had totally forgotten the work around to getting OSX to install on a PC. Luckily it came back to me when i was calmer. I apply the workaround, which comprises of setting up a partition in fat32 in a partition util and then having OSX "Erase" it. It will then show up as space that you can install ISX on. I do that and i notice that I clicked on the 11GB partition (my Ubuntu install) instead of the resized 28GB partition. Grrrr, well any OSX is done, but now a new MBR/Bootloader takes over. So now i have to reinstall ALL of ubuntu(not just GRUB). I just finished, tested Vista and got this "winload missing" error. Turns out that either OSX or Ubuntu's Boot Loader reassigns the label for the artitions, so Vista was not able to find itself (lol). Quick fix, boot to Vista, go to repair and let it find the error.

Everything's good to go.


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