I wrote this app to try to address some of the issues of the Ink Desktop people are complaining about on this gottabemobile post:

Ink Desktop for Vista now available

You can download it here:

Written in AutoIT Script v3.2.2.0


If Ink Desktop is running, inkontop will set it as always on top and activate it.  This makes the Ink Desktop minimize all other windows (and is unfortunately necessary for the alwaysontop setting to stick).
If Ink Desktop is not running, inkontop will run it based on the information of the shortcut in the start menu.

If you have any questions, please post them as comment on this post.


Rob Bushway said...

Well done, Blademonkey. Works as expected.

thanks for your good work here.

Blademonkey said...

And thank you for your honorable mention on GBM. Greatly appreciated.

Rob Bushway said...

the inkdesktop stays on top of all applications now, making it difficult to minimize / maximize apps.

Blademonkey said...

I could make a notification tray icon that allows you to toggle between the two modes, how's that sound?