Ghetto OQO Stand

I was watching Rob Bushway's video on how to attach(permanently) a stand for the OQO.  It's a great video and an even better solution, but I was in need of a non attached stand.  I was  sitting my cubicle looking for inspiration when I realized that i did in fact have a solution PCMCIA/Cardbus device jewel case. 

We had a few laying around, so I made a few modifications and was able to get my little modded jewel case to support the OQO.  Here it is in all its glory



So in the spirit of sharing i will demonstrate the modification necessary to get the jewel case to function as a stand.

step .00:   Get a jewel case


you can either get a jewel case online buy ordering them in bulk, or you can buy a cheap PCMCIA/Cardbus and hope the it comes with it.  We got them at work with PCMCIA/Cardbus Smartcard readers.

Step .01 : Remove the plastic stopper bits.

So I used  needle-nose pliers to get the job done.  They obviously get the job done but having something that could file the bits flush would help.  you want to pinch the plastic bits and they should come off.  if you get some resistance just pivot (while still pinching) until the bit comes off.  File down to desired height.  As you can see I used the grooves of the pliers' as my filing tool. 

Step .02 : Externding the support edge

Some may see this step as unnecessary but I felt like this jewel case's edge was much too shallow (especially for an expensive device).    Again with the needle-nose pliers

Step .03 : behold the glory of the Ghetto OQO Stand

Aside from the annoying noise from the jewel it's a pretty sweet quick stand if you ever need one.  you also plug the power into while it's on the stand

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